Monday, February 18, 2013

Mermaid Jewelry Box

Hello everyone! I know I haven't been on here for a while, but I hope you are all doing well! I just wanted to share with you guys what I have been working on in terms of crafting. I recently finished making this mermaid jewelry box for a craft contest.

It was quite a process to make this. First I made a master of the box using casting resin and made a mold out of it using silicone. Then, I hand casted the box with epoxy resin which I also incased the mermaid image along with bunch of glitter, real sand, and sea shells.  I stained the lace with tea to make it look vintage and glued it around the box. Lastly, I added swarovski rhinestones for extra bling :) It was my first time making a resin box, so I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. But, overall, I'm happy with the final product. I just love this vintage image of a mermaid holding a shoe.


  1. pues te ha quedado precioso , espero que te vaya muy bien en el concurso



  2. Hi Amy....It's good to see you again! I was wondering what you have been up to. You never cease to amaze me of your's beautiful!
    Very nicely done!
    xoxo, Shari!

  3. I think your box is stunning, really beautiful.

  4. I have this image on fabric and love it on your jewelry box. Very crafty and clever.

  5. Hi, do you sell the mermaid box.