Sunday, June 2, 2013

Etsy VS Storenvy

Thinking about opening your online shop but not sure whether to use Etsy or Storenvy? Here is a list of pros and cons for both stores that I came up with through my experience. Feel free to comment down below on your experience with these two stores. I hope this will help for those who can't decide!


  • Very well known for hand made crafts with lots of shoppers willing to pay good money for them. 
  • Has a great community, networks and support from other sellers/members. ie: anyone can add your items to their favorites and treasury list to share with others. Great way to get your name/shop out there. 
  • Option to promote your shop with a fee. (could be a con as well) However, you can decide on the amount you want to spend. For example, you give Etsy $5 limit to promote your shop for one week. 
  • “sold” section for your shop so people can see what you have sold and what you have made in the past. 
  • You can make shipping labels right from the etsy website and allows you to make first class international shipping labels. 
  • Easy to use coupon code option 

  • 20 cent listing fee that lasts for 4 months. Need to keep repaying the listing fees if your items do not sell. 
  • An additional 3.4% transaction fee when your item is sold. 
  • Listing process is tedious. 
  • Since it is well known, there are a lot of sellers selling similar things. That means, competition is HUGE. 
  • If your shop is small, and if you’re not updating with new listings as often, you’re shop will get “buried” amongst other shops . 
  • Customization is very limited. You can only customize your shop banner. 
  • For coupon codes, you can’t limit to one time use 

  • It is new and growing! 
  • absolutely NO listing fees and extra transaction fee. The only fee you have to worry about is the paypal transaction fee. 
  • Totally customizable. 
  • Upgrade option of $5/month where you can have your own URL with customizable coupon options. 
  • Listing process is easy 
  • Has a great community and networks similar to etsy. You can “envy” items and follow shops, which will be public on your main page. 
  • Not as well known for handmade crafts 
  • There is a basic coupon option, and the problem with it is that the discount applies to each item purchased rather than the total amount. IF you upgrade $5/month, you have more options on the discount codes. 
  • There is no “Sold” section in the store. Unless you make your own. 
  • You can only create shipping labels through paypal with no option for first class international mail.
  • There is a store rating system but it's not viewable to the public

NOTE: For both stores, you still have to market to sell your products. Don’t expect to open a shop and customers just pour in to buy your items. MARKET and PROMOTE! However, I do think if you just want to test the water in selling items online, storenvy is a good choice, so you're not investing too much money on it.

Updated: 6/01/14


  1. Thanks for this list of pros and cons. I have an Etsy shop and I totally agree with your points. I am not as familiar with storenvy, but now I want to check it out!

    1. want to give storenvy a try closed up my etsy account this month due to politics with etsy admin,no help from them at all fed up

  2. Good information! I was never sure if I wanted a storenvy account. I do have an etsy one.

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  4. I have a storenvy store and I like how accessible it is and how it updates me with emails. I have just been on for a little while and have not seen the financial benefits as of yet but I am very optimistic due to the amount of people that visit my store. I have a small etsy store and I can't say that it has been beneficial either as of yet. I mainly work from my storenvy because of the response I've gotten. I love the way it is set up and the fact that I can customize the website.

  5. Thanks for the advice I was trying to frcidee which ofthrm I should try and you helped me

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  7. Thank you for this post. Although I've crocheted since I was a young child, I hadn't try to sell anything until now. I hadn't heard of Storenvy until your post. I appreciate the pros and cons.

  8. I just started setting up a store at storenvy yesterday and it isn't as easy as when I set up shop on Bonanza or Etsy. With B & E I was done within the first half-hour. Not so w/storenvy. Today is day 2 and I'm still working on it. The most frustrating is that there is no way for me/you to calculate shipping costs individually per item. Each item weighs different and is dependent on how you package it and how much the box your shipping it in weighs. On storenvy you have to create 'shipping rates' and 'shipping classes' which takes more time to do than the way how you just use the USPS website to calculate your SHI cost and then list in your eBay/Bonanza/Etsy site. Postage costs are higher when you mail from an east coast to west coast destination rather than if you're shipping from say Maryland to New York/Ohio and vice-versa on both of those. In order to give the appropriate shipping cost for the East to East or East to Mid-US or East to West Coast you have to set up 3 different shipping classes and 3 different shipping rates and depending on the items you're selling...well if you sell different types of items, you'll be creating these 'shipping rates' and 'shipping classes' forever. In the time that it took me to set up one of these by calculating the costs on USPS Website, I could have a listing put up on Bonanza/Etsy or eBay. I'm still going to trudge through as eBay sales have just plummeted this past September and especially October and I don't believe it has anything to do with school starting or the holidays coming up (that's why people shop). There's more going on over at eBay. Also, from posts I read yesterday, storenvy is not going to stay free for long. Apparently in 2014 they are going to be setting up to take out a percentage from sellers just like eBay/Bonanza and Etsy (who is still the lowest commission so far) does.

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  10. Great tips, thank you for posting!

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