Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Resin Charms My Friend Made!

I purchased these super adorable resin charms from a friend I met on a craft facebook page. Mind you, I rarely buy resin pieces from people because I have the mentality of "why buy it when I can make it myself?" lol! Plus, the ones I have bought in the past were not made very well, so I just stopped buying them and started making them myself! But these are different! They are well made by a very talented girl named Angel. Here is the link to her shop! http://angelsresin.storenvy.com/ Definitely worth checking it out because she makes some awesome jewelry!

I just wanted to share these to the whole world because I love them so much! My favorite is definitely Stitch (genetic experiment 626)!
I also want to say I'm glad I met so many awesome people that I share the same passion with through facebook, blogspot, and youtube. Yay for internet!