Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Very First Amigurumi

I'm still a novice in crocheting, but after much practicing, I'm now able to read some beginner's patterns and I'm able to do some stitches without messing up. When I first started learning how to crochet, my goal was to be able to make an amigurumi and I finally did it! I made my first amigurumi.

Meet Daisy!

I used a free pattern from jennyandteddy's blogspot (great blog btw). I'm so happy how my teddy turned out. I love the big ears and the cute little dress! I may have to make another one for myself since this teddy is gonna be a gift for someone.

Don't you just love it when you make something that turned out exactly the way you want it to be? It's very satisfying and you start to feel so proud of yourself, you just want to pat yourself on the back.


  1. Cuteness overload ;-)
    The only thing I crochet are beanies and scarves.
    I would never have guessed this is your 1st amigurumi, looks flawless. Needs a name, maybe?

  2. Thank you! My next challenge will be to make a beanie!

  3. wow a lovely teddy it reminds me of Mr. bean LOL essay help