Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tutorial: Beaded Earrings

They are cute, simple and easy to make! You don't need special tools and expensive findings to make these. All you need is some beads, beading string, and earring hooks. These make great gifts, so start making some now for christmas!
Turquoise Beaded Earrings

Purple Beaded Earrings
I used:
  • metallic seed beads
  • 2 (6x8mm) teardrop glass beads (find them here). I used aquamarine in the Video.
  • 8 (4mm) round polished glass beads (find them here). I used lavendar coral (FP1972)  and turquoise (FP2380) in the Video
  • beading fishing line
  • Earring findings
This is my first video tutorial so if you have a hard time understanding my instructions, let me know! 

It's so weird listening to your own voice! I don't like it...ewwww. Haha!

anyway...Happy Crafting!


  1. Hi there,
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I'm glad you stopped by because now I've found yours - and with beading tutorials AND cake recipes it's right up my street! :-)
    I love these earrings by the way - can't wait to have a go at making them!

  2. saw you on bead addict's blog and my curiosity got the better of me. I like your blog, the recipes look yummy and I'm always on the lookout for new jewellery inspiration.

  3. very pretty!!! i found you by accident and just made a pair! Thanks for sharing your talent!!!!

  4. Hi there,
    would it please be possible to name the exact product code and color of the beads you chose for your turquoise and purple beaded earrings. Otherwise it's so difficult to choose the color, because via internet they all seem different from those you used....


    1. Hi Anonymous! I edited this post for the info you were looking for.

  5. Hi, found your craft very creative :)
    April from