Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sparkly Critters

I remember as a kid, every Christmas, I used to get craft kits from my parents. Anything from clay, beads, friendship bracelets, shrink art,  Perler beads, you name it. My sisters and I  would spend hours on Christmas morning crafting and making a huge mess on the kitchen table. But , I gotta say, my favorite was always the bead jewelry kit because I loved anything sparkly and shiny, plus I got to wear what I made!

Even to this day, I love my beads. Especially Swarovski crystal beads; they are the best quality crystal beads with the most sparkle. I can actually distinguish between non swarovski beads versus the cheaper brands.

Since they are super expensive at a regular craft store, I buy my beads at a wholesale bead store in bulk to save money.  Here are some of my creations that I made into cellphone charms:

Pink Panther

Kangaroo Duo

Miniature Schnauzer




Hello Kitty



Easter Bunny

Open Heart