Friday, January 6, 2012

Update on the Gingerbread Mansion

I apologize for such a late update on my gingerbread mansion. I got  a little side tracked from all the holiday shenanigans and other craft projects.

Since the last post where I hit a few bumps, this time, things are going smoothly.

First, I finished the wallpapers which turned out quite nicely. I also sprayed the wood floors with super glossy finish so they're nice and shiny. However, it ruined my tile floor so I had to change it to this. I actually like it better because it has a better contrast, so I'm glad it happened.

Shiny floor and a new tile floor.

I glued all the corner moulding and started gluing the walls together. I tried my best to fix the warping here and it worked!! Instead of wood glue, I used tacky glue, since it's stickier and thought it will hold the walls better.

Walls are up!

I finished painting the balcony, patio floors, and the patio steps. I also glued the railings to the second flight of stairs.

Stairs with railings added.

As I was working on my house, my sister made a comment about the color scheme that destroyed me with thoughts! She said the colors remind her of a Barbie's dream house! Ever since she said that, the house started to look more and more like a Barbie's dream house to me.......oh dear...

Barbie's dream house???